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2002-09-24 - 4:25 p.m.

I left for 15 minutes tops this morning, and when I came back the whole office was a study in industry and the American work ethic. It was crazy. Like the sun came up and everything sprang to life or something. Everyone just showed up to work late in some strange workplace synergy that just proves how out of it I am. Also, my little ploy with the A/C this morning managed to break it. Which is just funny. It seems that my setting the temp too low, it froze something or who knows. Itís always on at the moment, and according to the little digital thermometer in my cube, itís a balmy 67 degrees right now. One of the guys from facilities, the thin one, was on a ladder poking around in the ceiling. The fat one was directing him. It was like an Abbot and Costello sketch. Or a scene from Gilliganís Island. Iím just glad the fat guy was on the ground. A couple of years ago, they were doing some maintenance work and the guy fell through the ceiling onto a cube. It was hysterical. But the fat guy, well, that would have just been a bad scene. They have to call in some professionals. They hope to have someone out here by Thursday. I donít know why they canít turn it off or something, but itís just strange. The executive admin sent out an announcement telling everyone to bring a sweater or jacket for the next couple of days. Iím secretly amused while publicly outraged.

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