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2002-09-28 - 11:07 a.m.

I have a date tonight with an ex who is moving to Oregon. I'm making spaghetti and we are watching television. Oooh, fun times. Everything will be in soft focus and it will play well in Boise on Monday nights. She's a bit of a control freak, so I don't know how she really feels about me cooking. I imagine she'll bring a bunch of stuff.

I hate my job, my company, and the end of the quarter. There should be no more international trade or movement of products between companies (excluding NAFTA nations) and so what if that will collapse the worlds economy and destroy our way of life. We'll just have to adapt and get over it. I hate international inco-terms. I despise them. I despise colored charts with little pictures that are supposed to help people understand them. I hate condescending traffic coordinators. I want the Seattle folk that got their way when we merged companies and thus enter the information into Oracle their way, rather than a logical way, lined up and shot. Except they are no mostly unemployed, or wreaking havoc on other companies. And I may be giving notice on Monday, so perhaps this is all for naught.

I found some Grapeheads at lunch yesterday in a hokey convenience store near my apartment. They are basically Alexander the Grapes but labeled to take advantage of the popularity of the Lemonheads fame. It reminds me of my youth and buying the boxes from the vending machine at the skating rink for a quarter. And then skating to Michael Jackson's Thriller which was brand new at the time and seemed to be everywhere. Im on a nostalgic kick, I suppose. Everything is reminding me of other times. I should be careful about that. Living in the past is not necessarily a good thing. I have a friend who does that, and Id rather not end up like him. Although I doubt Id become the Luddite he is. I dont think that I could live like a dustbowl farmer, toiling at the land and all. Too much dirt and hard thin women. And a lot of pride. I'm all about selling out. But that's his field of dreams. No, I prefer the life of the big city with its crowds and movement and focus on wealth.

Im going to the Brew Ha Ha today, with some friends. I just thought Id brag.

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