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2002-10-06 - 9:28 p.m.

Attending Journalcon has been an interesting experience. I have hob knobbed with the online journaling elite and it has left me with star eyes and a bit overwhelmed. Well, sort of. Because, and I mean this with the greatest love and respect for all the attendees, but there are a LOT of freaks out there. It was nice to put a face to some of the names that I have heard a lot about. Sars and Pamie are two that everyone think of when online presences in this small group come up in conversation. At first I was a bit put off by Sars initially, her cynicism was a tad obvious. And she didnít show up for the banquet dinner. So I made up elaborate stories of debauchery and mayhem with which to entertain myself, and of course Weetabix. Snippets where overheard at one point and I turned a lovely pink color. Which is probably floating around the ether right now. Iím hoping not. Dinner was fine, but very long. The traditional Chinese meal that we were served took place over the course of 3 hours. The interminable time that passed between the courses was spent in my traditional fashion when Iím uncomfortable. I commented on people. Which is a nice way of saying I snarked about them. If anyone is thinking of cheap presents for Miss Bix, well, a box of rubber bands would be a box of rubber bands. And she would love you forever. Or use them to flick at me. Iím not sure which. I donít deny that I am very vanilla when it comes to things. I like people that have the same likes and taste of myself, who get my humor and share in the inside jokes that I inevitable create wherever I go. As Weetabix said to me yesterday, I make being evil fun. I was initially merely a sidebar to her, in all her popularity and fame. But I like to think that eventually I stepped out and made some contacts on my own. I certainly lasted at the bar longer. Then, well, just about everyone but it was mostly because these east coast people had time zone differences and such they were allegedly dealing with. I did enjoy the forums, especially the ones on Saturday, I thought that they were very informative. And also, I re-evaluated my position on Sars. She is very intelligent, witty, and gracious. But maybe thatís just a morning thing. After the panels and readings were concluded I whisked Wendy off to visit the Haight Ashbury area of SF. Then it was back via a drive through the Castro in time for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and karaoke. I sang. A couple times actually, though only once by myself. I left early. I stayed at my sisters all weekend, although I wish that I had splurged on the hotel. It would have been nicer, I think. I could have had a roommate and it would have been just like summer camp. Hopefully without the bedwetting. I thought about that on the short walk to my sisters. Today was the Castro Street Fair, and it hosed up all the transit, so I was questioning again why I hadnít just gotten myself a room. It was fine though. Today was all about the good-byes and Pamie. I read an entry, then sat around chatting with the other attendees, although for a while there I snoozed. Without snoring or drooling, so I count it a successful nap. Iím glad that I attended.

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