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2002-10-09 - 6:56 p.m.

My computer at work has been broken for much of today, and it was very annoying. For a while there it was blitzing out, usually about the time Weetabix would call me, but it always started up again. But not this time. I ended up using a loaner laptop from the sales pool that had the worst keyboard layout I have ever used. The right hand shift button was very small and next to the page up key. I tended to avoid capitalization. I felt a bit isolated actually, not having my Hal 9000 desktop are access to my documents and all. I rely on that computer too much. I’m going to have to move everything important onto the network, or burn it onto disk for back up. The problem turned out to be a faulty power supply something or other that was shorting out at random moments. Or whenever Weetabix would call. It was probably some grand conspiracy so that I would be forced to devote my whole attention to the conversation instead of working around it with polite “yeah” and “uh-huh”, plus few “Oh really?’s” and “wow” thrown in to spice things up. So, I surrendered the loaner laptop and things pretty much returned to normal.

There are lots of photo’s up about Journalcon. Some with me in them. Some are very flattering. Luckily the video of me singing my karaoke song may never see the light of day, so I ‘m relieved. It will no doubt surface should I run for public office. Not that I plan to do anything of the sort but you never really know. I’m not egotistical enough to think that it couldn’t be my wife who is the public figure. Although it might make her stay home and do some laundry. There was an interesting article in the paper the other day about the prominent woman business leaders of the Silicon Valley and their househusbands. I should probably scare up the link or something. I would really like to get a gig like that. I could so play the stay at home husband, being the rock that makes everything better. Coordinating the lives of my family using the latest in technology and communications. Maybe have a little room, my own haven against the bustle of modern business life. I could peck away at a novel that will never be published, but gives me credibility. I quit to write a novel, family and kids got in the way. That kind of thing. It’s the life that I always dreamed of really, appreciated and taking care of the people that matter. Oh, I’m sorry. We interrupt this lifetime moment with REALITY. I think I’ll go put on some Rancid and mess up the house.

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