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2002-10-10 - 6:00 p.m.

I mutilated a one time use mechanical pencil today, turning it not only into a piece of modern art but also a learning experience. I now know how it works. I would get a gold star with my name and Polaroid up on the wall should this in fact be the second grade. This was almost the highlight of my day, which was very dull. Mind debasingly so. I donít think itís actually the Halloween season, or in fact October, until you get the drunk pumpkin pictures, where the seeds and innards scooped from the jack-o-lantern are spilling out like after lunch at a Sorority house. Iíve also seen several amusing uses of pumpkins, squash, and even a zucchini used to simulate privates on scarecrows. Or maybe they are scareJWís. Itís just not right, this squash abuse. Like in the urban legend/joke about the drunken man caught violating some hapless member of the cucarbita family by the police. ďSir, you are fucking a pumpkinĒ ďItís midnight already?Ē. Iíve received that one several times. Such things are now commonplace, and itís tiring. I hate such messages, that explode out into the net in a wave of counter productivity. They are like websites that consist of a links page. Nothing to contribute, just a bunch of places to go. Itís a waste of time and space. And not all forwards are bad. Just most of them. Email and the web seem a bitter pill to me today. During my afternoon meeting I managed to tattoo my arm. It started with some random dots from setting my wrist and arm on a uncapped pen. Normally I have my Palm Pilot with me in meetings, but my batteries were dead. I pass the time looking studios and uninvolved while playing Dope Wars, a text based freeware game where you buy and sell different substances hoping to make it big. I donít play smart, preferring to gamble because itís only my virtual little legs that get broken. Iíve gotten the tapping and graffiti entry down to where it can resemble impatient tapping or jotting down a reminder or task for later. Itís lovely and fools no one, Iím sure. So, for lack of anything better to do, and because I was way to lazy to feign interest, I connected the dots, then fleshed out some designs, and now itís kind of a vague tribal pattern with Celtic tones and some Frank Lloyd Wright inspired lines. Itís also multicolored. I didnít do the whole thing in the meeting. When it was done I started fleshing out the colors and such, but kept getting interrupted so I finished it in the bathroom. Iím very proud of it, although I covered it up. And it managed to stain my shirt sleeve. As I type this up, Iím thinking I may need medication. Or figure out how to auto delete pumpkin attachments.

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