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2002-10-13 - 8:38 p.m.

I have been very lax with keeping up my journal. Well, not my ďrealĒ journal. Yes, itís true. Iím two timing the online community. I keep steno notebooks, that I feel with more petulant whiny, so count yourselves lucky.

Iíve actually noticed a trend in less updates amongst my favorites. Most of them have been keeping an online journal far longer than I. Itís like the tides, I suppose. Iím not dissatisfied or anything, just lazy. Iím also housesitting this weekend for some friends of relatives and havenít really had much time. Because Iíve been playing Xbox. All weekend. Well, sort of. I did get out for a hike, and also to see the movie The Transporter, which was 30 minutes of BMW 7 Commercial followed by 45 Minutes of insane impossible action sequences. Of course I loved it. There was 20 minutes of here and there ďplotĒ or something but it was unimportant. It involved smuggling immigrants from China or something, Iím sure that Luc Besson was going for subtlety or something there but it didnít really matter. Things blew up and Jason Strathem kicked some serious ass. But the rest of the time Iíve been playing Robotech: Battlecry. Iím going to have to buy myself an Xbox and also this game. Assuming I can leave the house. I now understand the zombie like expressions and sour smells on the geeks down at the game section of Best Buy. I should also probably link all the appropriate items in this entry, but that would take time away from my valuable game play. Besides, it will fill the void of my absence.

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