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2002-10-14 - 6:08 p.m.

I ate sushi for lunch today. Someone else was paying, so I didnít hold back. It wasnít polite of me. I didnít drink any beer however, and so Iím thinking that though I ate my weight in free inagi, at least it came to be about the same as the heavy drinkers. The people that just ordered Bento Boxes were fools. Fools I tell you. I had eaten some sort of healthy looking (but not really) scone from Starbucks along with a lattť for breakfast, and the sushi lunch really fitted in with the pretentious food plan. For dinner, Iím making a baked pork chop with green beans. All that's missing in my creepy alone guy lifestyle is some sort of freakish pet and age. Here is the Green Bean recipe:

Cook your green beans. Leave them a touch al dente. In a saucepan cook maybe a ľ lb of chopped bacon. Remove from pan but save the drippings. Sautť one of those ready packs of sliced mushrooms in the saucepan. Drain drippings. Toss in beans and bacon, then add balsamic vinegar and some salted butter, enough to coat but not be dripping. Itís really good.

In other news, I was called effusive. Yes, I know. Dictionary.Com defines effusive as:

ef∑fu∑sive adj.

  1. Unrestrained or excessive in emotional expression; gushy: an effusive manner.

  2. Profuse; overflowing: effusive praise.

I have never been effusive in my life. I was offended earlier today. Iím thinking, and this is because it came from one of the Journalcon Attendees, that they really had no idea who I was. Not everyone was given a word to describe them, so I suppose I should be honored, but really. If I'm being given a shoutout, at least make it something true to form. Like Snarky. Iím not offended anymore, just annoyed that I would be labeled so. Iím sure itís garnered from my Karaoke performance, and it could also be thatís how she felt about me. In which case she would be a dirty liar. Iíll let it go however. Because Mo updated her Simís Diary and Iím basking in the afterglow of reading that. Plus Iím over it. Until some dark night, kept awake by inner demons. And the world will be confused by a bizarre series of Pineapple mutilations.

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