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2002-10-15 - 10:25 p.m.

Today was Bridgetís last day. Itís not like it was a shock or anything. I knew it was coming. I said my good-byeís, I brought in cakes, said a little speech that made her cry and then walked her out to the car so I could give her a hug. Yes, it was a little bittersweet. But afterwards everyone treated me like a child. They kept coming in wanting to talk about it and such. Was I alright, how would I get by. That kind of thing.

It was very annoying. And I hate my companies IT department. They are assholes. Just plain assholes. I have been having random problems with my computer not working. This morning it would not turn on. So I fiddled with the plugs and the power strip, did everything I could before calling in a request. So the guy shows up an hour later and repeats my actions. Nothing. He presses some button in the back. No dice. The computer just sits there. He goes through the plug checking a second time. Nothing. Checks the power strip. The computer turns on. Oh boy. He leaves, and in closing the ticket says that the janitors were probably too aggressive with the vacuuming. I was pissed.

We also had our sales banquet this evening, and it was actually a good time. I enjoyed myself. It helped sooth some of the bitterness. I chit chatted and was pleasant. I also drank some wine. Which is not my usual habit. It made me look Then I switched to beer. Because I like it better. And I got home too late to watch Buffy. Iím sorry Weetabix but I tried. Not very hard, but still.

Iím just really in a bad mood. Iíll get over it.

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