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2002-10-23 - 8:23 p.m.

I went to use the ATM this evening, as I only had a couple bucks on me and got an insufficient funds notice. So I checked the balance. It was a hell of a lot of insufficient funds. Iím a little surprised. Well, not really. I have been keeping myself ignorant of such matters because I knew I wouldnít like it. I just didnít realize how little there would be to dislike. I also get to be creative. For an entire week.

Donít worry, there will be no paypal link along with a tearful Help Me. Itís not like that. Iíve never been very good with money. Well, I actually am really good at spending it, but this whole move to my own place has kind of thrown a kink in my mad dash to spend cash. Which sounds better than itís typed. Allegedly Iím really good with money, being a Taurus and all. But thatís bull. (Iím sorry, I have a defective pun gene that kicks in without warning) Only on strategy games do I have any sort of ability to bring in the gold. Or the crystals. Or whatever. So, it seems that I will be making even more radical changes to my lifestyle. I imagine trips to Target. Going to the grocery store where they donít bag your groceries because it makes things ďcheaperĒ. Or something. I donít know. Seasonal job? Itís just a matter of getting used to it. Eventually Iíll adapt. Or theyíll show up and take my stuff. Or I can move back to Utah, work for my dad, and afford 5000 square feet on half an acre for what I pay monthly. Or I can move in with family members and return to the rock and roll lifestyle. Surely there must be a compromise between the two. I just have to find it.

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