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2002-10-30 - 8:14 a.m.

I have a very full inbox. But Iím feeling internet deprived. Itís strange not having a computer in the home again. Itís like itís 1984 and our TI (with the speech synthesizer I thought was SO COOL because I could make it talk like HAL 9000) needed a new power cord.

Iím feeling nostalgic and a little angsty. I have a very good friend whom I used to date moving to Portland, and so I cooked her dinner. Sheís moving to Portland to become the next Naked Chef (probably in Vegas or something because they have topless EVERYTHING) and so is attending cooking school. So, sheís gourmet where Iím take out anyone? But I managed to bang out some bachelor spaghetti. I can cook, but she can COOK. She brought banana cream pie and a fruit tart, because Iím not a fan of the BCPie. Or even typing it out. That is one long ass name to figure out. Plus it has banana in it, and that word trips me up all the time. So it was a pleasant reminiscing evening. We watched the Royal Tenenbaums. I rubbed her neck. After the movie, standing outside saying our goodbyes she got all emotional, whether from the beauty of Wes Andersonís film or my own lack of visible emotion. Standing there, by her car, holding her close and promising that I would come up and visit, that Iíll write, all the vague platitudes that one whispers into a departing friends ears, I thought, man, this is the perfect place for a crane shot, possibly with the sweet opening chords of Badly Drawn Boys, The Shining playing softly in the background. She was actually annoyed by my lack of visible emotion. Which was one of the reasons that we are just friends. But itís not like sheís a retarded girl running around bases. That again, is why we remained just friends. Although friends these days seem to be few and far between. At least the ones that I can go bar crawling with or see films. And itís not like I even wear all black and sit around Starbucks typing my name over and over, simulating a novel, what with the virus and all. I suppose Iíll just stick with the home alone drinking. That seems to be working for me at the moment.

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