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2002-10-31 - 10:31 a.m.

I just got bitched out by a gypsy woman and a rather short devil. Because by going around them I managed to get something done.

I hate my company. I hate Halloween. Some people have pleasant happy offices where people get along and have potlucks. Happy Halloween parades with a Grease theme where everyone laughs. I imagine orange rice crispy treat pumpkins with black licorice stems, lots of apple cider and dishes of candy corn. With Kuntry Kitsch Halloween decorations adorning the walls and lots of smiling, friendly people visiting pleasantly. Of course, this is probably not the case. But I like to dream sometimes.

This evening I will be driving into San Francisco to spend with my sister and her boyfriend. They are going as Axel Rose and Slash, I will don a toga or something. A friend of theirs is having a party that we might attend, or we might join the millions of others and go to the Castro, which is nearby their house. Iíd like to not dress up and watch the Simpsons, but Iíve been overridden. Unfortunately I already called in hung over this week, so Iíll just have to buck up and be here at work tomorrow. Iím sure I wonít be the only one. This weekend also has me house sitting in Pleasanton, so I can again waste entire days in front of the big screen TV playing Robotech on Xbox. And maybe feeding their dogs.

I saw Rules of Attraction last night. I will be posting a definitive review later. Iíve mentioned before that I used to do review films in college, and last night, while writing said review, I actually enjoyed myself. Probably at the expense of objectivity where the film is concerned.

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