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2002-11-03 - 10:11 a.m.

Iím not really feeling well at the moment. I have spent the past few days eating BLT Sandwiches and drinking Sunkist Orange Soda. And playing Hitman 2 on X Box. Well, there was also a Saturday pub crawl in there as well. And Gappa. Or something like that. Italian liquor that looks like iced tea and puts the Long Island version home packing to mother. So, maybe thatís in with it as well. The massive amounts of X Box playing and the BLTís are not sitting well however. Why BLTís? I donít know. I was at the grocery and there was a special on bacon. So I brought it back and cooked it all. It seemed a natural thing to do at the time. Then I messed around with my computer and fell asleep watching TV. Yesterday morning I made myself another BLT and then started in on Hitman 2. I had hoped to play Robotech but the bastards at Hollywood Video were out. I almost drove over to Best Buy to purchase the damn game, but the new release display caught my attention. In the 10th grade I wrote a career report on being a Hitman. It was my proudest HS moment. I poured my soul into that project, coming up with all sorts of training alternatives and learning about international finance and extradition laws. It was a very well researched and written report, involving army training and a stint with the IRA where I hoped that my blond locks and American passport would serve me in good stead. Alas, when I turned in my project, my teacher was not amused and gave me a failing grade, not amused by my ďtasteless jokeĒ. I had the weekend to rework my project, and Monday morning turned in a paper about being a 10th grade English teacher. I got a B. Wiping away the tear that had somehow escaped, I rented the game, and am very glad that I did. So that was my Saturday afternoon, although I did throw a jog around the block with the dog and more BLTís. Then went into SF to go on the pub crawl, where I drank too much but still had a very nice time. The gappa, or whatever it was actually did send me over mildly buzzing to overly intoxicated, and it was just a small shot, served in an espresso cup. So, my sister, the boyfriend, and myself wandered about Union Street until we hit a Starbucks, where, due to our drunken states meant we had to leave before they asked us to. I donít even really remember what was so funny, just that we were laughing so hard. The cab ride back to their place was also entertaining with the cabby laughing at our jokes, and seemed amused by my sisters boyfriends wish to be a naked cab driver, just for peoples reactions. I can understand that, I once dreamed of working the midnight to 8am shift in an adult bookstore for a week, just to see who came in at 2am for porn. One of the members of our pub crawl is a waitress, and she thought that I could get a job as a bouncer at her bar. Which was intriguing as well. I guess I just look intimidating because man, Iím not the bouncer type. Look like Tarzan sound like Jane. Thatís me. But it was a nice thought nonetheless. I ate the last of the bacon this morning, and am looking forward to an afternoon of Hitman 2. And orange soda. After an Alka-Seltzer.

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