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2002-11-06 - 3:52 p.m.

I am not having a very good day. As I predicted earlier this week, Iím driven to insanity by Wednesday afternoon. I managed to vote, and felt guilty this morning for not being a good republican. Not that I identify with that anymore. Mainly because of our president. I donít like him. I donít trust him. And thatís all Iím going to say about that. Because itís just an OPINION of ME and doesnít mean anything.

Speaking of opinions, I finished by Definitive Review of Heaven and will be posting it later today or tomorrow. Once it comes back from my editor.

Aside form the mind trenching amount of stress that Iíve been under, things are actually on a fairly even keel. I can see the light at the end of my computer troubles tunnel, and hope to be back online at home by the end of the week. Thereís supposed to be a grand storm tonight thru Friday, and I keep thinking of Amanda Plummer in Joe vs. the Volcano, ďLooks like weíre in for a blowĒ. Iíll have to make sure my steamer trunks are all packed for flooding. I would like such luggage, to have something that I could place all my confidence in, to get me safely to my destination. At one point, I had hoped that this diary would be such a thing. A place of security and whimsy that I could safely explore ideas and thoughts, and maybe share them with other people. Instead of the baggage that it has become. I suppose itís all right however. Baggage is not all that cumbersome to lug around. Well, if you have porters and assistants and such. Aah, how I love the thought of Sherpas, Carting me and my belongings about while I lounge indolently on cushions and eat grapes. Rings on my fingers that could buy a thousand people food for a thousand lifetimes as I pick from the townspeople that flock to my caravan for additions to my harem. Theyíd have to be willing though, because Iím not putting up with any jealous fathers, husbands, and brothers. I donít have time for that crap. And just killing everyone builds up the bad karma plus then you get the freaks calling a jihad on you and Iíd rather spend time in my harem than putting down every insurrection that comes my way. Maybe Iíll get a bunch of frustrated middle managers and outfit them with machine guns, I bet that would be a great stress reliever. And nobody wants to mess with the crazy white devil. Iím telling you. Although I would be way to lax, and my subjects would take advantage, it would be embarrassing at the Leaders Club, itís a fine line one must balance on.

How sad is it that even in my fantasies I caní t manage to pull it together. I think Iíll go searching for some wacky Christian cult websites. Those always cheer me up.

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