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2002-11-08 - 1:05 p.m.

There is biblical type flooding going on around the city at the moment. Itís raining heavily and the storm drains are all plugged with a years worth of stuff that crawled in there over the summer.

I scraped my knuckles coming into work this morning. I was trying to navigate my badge to the reader and deal with my umbrella while trying to keep myself as dry as possible. It was not an easy moment. Nor a successful one. I was early, because I had decided to drive rather than take the train. Public Transit standards are really for nice days. Or at the very least days where one does not need a set of gills to be comfortable. I currently am looking very brooding and bruiser like. With a lot of dandruff, thanks to a coffee creamer incident earlier this morning as well. We have customerís visiting and apparently my appearance is less than professional. I do have a spare sweater vest in my car, which I could go get, but Iím afraid that the weather would turn my would mix with the cream, leaving embarrassing stains on my sweater. I can imagine the skeptical looks the cleaner would give me, Oh, thatís just cream. Er, uh, Coffee Creamer.

In spite of everything, Iím enjoying the weather. We donít have really much seasonal change in California, and so the sudden onslaught of water is different and wonderful. For now. Itís like the first snowfall or tornado of the season. A novelty that wears off rapidly. Usually about the same time all the drains fill up, plugged from non-use during the summer.

Last night I had grand plans to finally fix my laptop. To get it all better. I didnít end up doing that. Itís still on life support in the living room, the battery charged light blinking at me accusingly. The activity light on the DSL gateway indicating that there is no activity. It would be nice if computers, like humans, could heal themselves. But alas. Iíve grown used to the void its ill health has left in my life. Overcoming online addiction by transference. To drinking. Yes, thatís what I did last night. I went to a pretentious bar, whose microbrews were delicious, then to a college bar, that had like 1 girl in the place and she was taken, and then to a hole in the wall where, in homage to Weetabix and her home state of Wisconsin, I ate fried cheese with my Guinness, which I suspect was brewed during the Carter administration. It was very old beer. Not trusting any of the other beers tapped, I switched to their Seasonal Lager, which was decent and cheap, thus fitting into the games of Liars Dice and 21 that I played with my friend Hector all evening. Oh Bar Games. Iím actually fairly lucky and have an innocent, naÔve face. Go me.

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