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2002-11-18 - 10:08 p.m.

Saturday was a lifetime. Not the television network for Women, er Womyn, but it did posses the bipolar coaster of fun. It started off a bit odd, and then kind of stuck around good for while before crashing down. Kind of like the Presidential term of Jimmy Carter. Iím stuck on Jimmy Carter lately. Even Iím tired of mentioning it. Like one of those pop songs that wonít ever leave your brain. I see him everywhere. I would almost prefer dead people.

Hi, 2000 called, and wants the Dead People joke back.

So, anyway, Saturday. Iím walking to get my lattť and generally thinking that things are good. I had slept in, decided that it didnít matter what I wanted to accomplish, I would wake when I willed. So instead of feeling lazy I had the first item on my list checked off. I did some email and such, then trotted off to Starbucks. A crowd of out of towners, with non-trendy accents (aka Midwesterners) accosted me on my way. Hey Bub, whereís a place to get breakfast in this fucking town? Because, you know, thatís exactly what to say when asking someone to tell you where to eat. Iím not saying that they were from Wisconsin, but he was wearing a Packers shirt. Instead of directing them to the IHOP I suggested Johnny Rockets. Which opened at 11 and didnít serve breakfast. This perhaps was my karmic mistake. At the time I didnít think it. When I arrived at Starbucks there was a plethora of young girls in short skirts. It seems that this weekend past was the Northern California Cheer and Dance competition. The only thing better would be if there were a Catholic School Girl convention across the street. It was Mac Expo though. Which was a bit of strange planning. Yeah, lets mix Mac Engineers and Cheerleaders! A recipe for fun. And it was, Iím sure. I sat and sipped my lattť, enjoying the scenery and trying really hard not to get annoyed with the antics of 13 year old popular girls. There was a lot of drama going on downtown. Checking breakfast off my list, I headed back towards my apartment. I needed a haircut, so I ducked into some establishment that had no discernable English type whatsoever. I believe that the literal translation of the shop was Happy Fun Hair Cutting Robot House or something. Iím not quite sure. I gave instructions to a woman who tried very hard to understand and ended up just giving me a almost flattop. I only paid 12 bucks plus tip for the haircut, and itís fine. Sure, I should stay away from Orange Coveralls and the side of freeway, but in a couple weeks time it will be fine. They wanted my email address when I was leaving. I couldnít understand her enough to find out why. I made one up. Iím not proud of that.

Hitting the ground running, I managed to get quite a few errands ran, including grocery shopping and picking up a present for the birthday party I was attending. Because every second of my weekend was also planned for, there were many impromptu calls to hang out. The birthday part was, well, not lame, but certainly not something that I was going to brag about attending. It was just nice. The birthday boy was pleased with all of his gifts, because he sent out an email this morning. Most people gave him alcohol, something that he didnít seem to notice. I gave him a Star Wars DVD with the gift receipt taped to it. It was one of those ďeh, this will doĒ type of gifts that worked out. After the party I had a very bad bar experience and went home.

Sunday involved my mother, some failed attempts at Christmas shopping, and Harry Potter (for which I will not be posting a Definitive Review, mainly because Iím lazy and have decided just to do pretentious films. Because I can) in the East Bay and then a long drive home. And so we arrive, at last, to today. I really should update on weekends, as this whole letís recap! party is really quite long. Anyone thatís made it this far, well, sign the guestbook or something. Or leave me a note and Iíll respond accordingly. Possibly with a jab, or something. But it can be your red badge of courage for making it this far.

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