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2002-11-18 - 11:42 p.m.

Well, like many people, Iíve been nominated for a Diarist award. Unlike many people, Iíve become a finalist. For ďBest Account of a Public or News EventĒ it seems. I think mine was the pity nomination, because the organizers thought it would be tacky to have all three entries involve September 11 in some way. So they threw in the retards. Just to mix it up a little. Add some spice. I phrased it that way because GJ is having a flame war in his guestbook and mine was feeling left out. I tried asking it if GJís guestbook jumped off a bridge, would it do the same? But that just brought on more tears before running off to its room, telling me that I was hateful on the way. So, anyway, this Diarist thing. We shall see. They are going to give us all pretty pictures to add to our sites, so Iím looking forward to that. And Iíll get lots of traffic from it. Iím just not excited about it all. There is no need to flood me with feel the love messages and notes exclaiming the virtues of my eyes, but really, it just seems a bit unreal. The talent that is listed on that page is incredible, but not all encompassing. I think that itís more a nice win for Diaryland. Itís showing that one doesnít need their own URL with flash graphics and professionally designed html to be recognized. And yes, I understand the hypocrisy of the last statement; Iím all about the packaging. The message be damned. Anyway, check out the different finalists. There are actually some very good reads. Donít tell anyone that I sent you though. I wouldnít want to appear effusive.

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