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2002-11-24 - 3:55 p.m.

Iíve had just a very lazy weekend, and it has been nice. The only unfortunate side affect is the realization that I have to go back to work tomorrow. At least itís a short week.

They were giving away food in the park this afternoon as I was walking home from downtown. Spaghetti and lemonade from the look of things. It was the Food not Bombs people. The price of an early dinner was the haranguing of the poor, who we all know make the driving decisions on matters of war and poverty. Despite their naÔvetť, itís a worthy organization. And a vegetarian one. Two things that Iím not prone to liking. It did make me feel guilty for ignoring the pleas for change, which I didnít have any, as I had given it to the Starbucks people who had made my Vente Lattť. I tend to be more charitable to people that actually do things for me, and are working. Someone with gold capped teeth is not going to get my money. Iím just harsh I suppose.

I spent most of Saturday morning watching television and doing laundry. I used up most of my quarters. Then I drove over to my Aunt and Uncles to help install a wireless network and print server. Which makes me sound technical, but Iím really not. I just follow directions well. Once everything was working I offered to watch my cousin so they could have some time out. They left early to do some Christmas shopping, and were home early. I myself was home by 9, where I folded the laundry that Iíd done, watched SNL and then She Spies, couldnít believe that it was 2 am, and went to bed. My fascinating life. Coming Soon as a sitcom.

Even though I donít want to go, Iím prepared for work this week. I have what Iím wearing all planned out. Iím packed for my trip home for Thanksgiving. Things are in order. Itís a strange feeling, this control. I almost doubt that itís real. I canít imagine it being so. My life, for the next week, is like a model, waiting to be assembled. All the pieces are laid out in an orderly fashion and I just have to follow the numbered instructions to put it together. Iím confident that it will look like the picture. Itís also a lonely week. A week on autopilot. I might have to shake it up a bit. For my sanityís sake.

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