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2002-12-10 - 4:14 p.m.

I was taunting people by sending them scary pictures of clowns. It was not a very nice thing to do. I was hoping that it would be interpreted as a call for help, but alas, it was not.

I got a new fridge yesterday, which was a good thing. While cleaning out the old one I found some Oreo ice cream locked within the glacier that was the freezer. The new unit is all hyper efficient and silent plus has much more room. And doesnít freeze vegetables. Although now Iíll have to find somewhere else to store the vodka and rum. There were all sorts of trials and fiascos going on with the fridge delivery, involving incompetent deliverymen, illiterate handlers, and the super. I also had some wiring reworked in my kitchen to accommodate the fancy grounding at the end of the plug. I was going to broach the subject of the floor, wanting to change it from the industrial carpeting to a clean black and white checkered vinyl but the annoyance on the face of the super by the time the fridge was actually in place had me keep my tongue. I might just do it, and act stupid later. ďNo, really, the floor was already that new, clean, and hipĒ. I have been very good to that apartment, bettering it by stamping my own personality onto its abused walls.

I have the seasonal blahs, Iím thinking. This year I donít seem to have the time or money to do my traditional freak out for the holidays and spend, spend, spend. I have been very frugal this holiday season, and it shows in the paltry selection of gifts sitting on my kitchen table. Along with the Christmas cards I have purchased, but not done anything with. Addressing or filling out or anything like that. Itís almost depressing. I am going home (again) for the season, with my work shutting down for the two weeks it should be a more intense repeat of the Thanksgiving shutdown that left me a blithering idiot. In fact, Iím still not caught up. But it will be nice to again visit with family and friends, and rail bitterly about the cold. And drink and club for pennies on the dollars that it costs in California. $3 covers and $10 pitchers. A demographic where I am not considered husky. Well, I still am, itís just normal. Itís lovely.

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