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2002-12-14 - 3:53 p.m.

I slept until noon this morning. And Iíve been half heartedly paying bills while watching a Real World marathon and eating all the carbohydrates in my house. Iím still in my pajamas. I havenít brushed my teeth. At any moment I expect the Publishers Clearing House People to show up with a camera crew to capture it all forever. Or maybe just a supermodel on the run from a deranged lunatic, who, after scoping it out, will take her chances with the lunatic.

We have been hit by a STORM that has struck at the Bay Area with the fury of a 4 cylinder Hyundai going up a 5% grade with the A/C on. This is a serious storm for us. Well, it really is. Parts of the area have received several inches of rain, and one of the major freeways was flooded. It still feels partly ridiculous, with the news agencies giving live STORM reports and urging people to drive safely. Itís a slow news week I guess.

It has made it very easy to be lazy. Something I intend to keep up with through the afternoon and to an early evening.

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