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2002-12-16 - 5:23 p.m.

I started this morning in the very best of spirits, a touch later than usual as the power was out in my apartment. This could have started the morning out terribly, but it didnít. I woke up to pee, noticed the blinking light on the VCR, surmised the cause and found it to be not much later than when I normally get up. So all was well. Arrived at work. And began the soul sucking moments that make for my fascinating life.

On Friday I was involved in a practical joke. It was a prank phonecall where I played an irate gentleman whose life partner had succumbed to a nameless disease and with whose bitter ex-wife I was contesting the will, tying up all our assets until the dust settled, and I needed an extension. It seems that my emotional tirade carried throughout the office, and so Iíve been dealing with that fall out. Itís annoying, especially the people that have heard the story second/third/whatever hand. Itís my own fault. I wasnít thinking about office acoustics or professionalism. And the karmic payment for that being enacted is quite steep. So, let this serve as a warning. Only crank call from conference rooms and hard wall offices. Donít trust your co-workers who youíve worked with for years, baked for, spent countless hours and moments with over the years to defend or even stand by you. They like the temps better than you anyway.

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