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2002-12-17 - 11:15 p.m.

Itís not really the holidays that is leading me to updating less. Itís other things. But, since it is the week before Christmas, Iíll go to the old standby. Damn holidays. I've been so busy it's been hard to update.

I had this rather unfortunate breakout just above my eye that swelled to epic proportions. I could see it, it got so large. And it hurt. So, in a fit of madness, I popped it. Actually, I grabbed it and pinched. There was a squelt and suddenly a money shot rested on my bathroom mirror. Simultaneously a searing pain threatened to pass me out. I sat down hard on the toilet behind me, although that could have been the reaction to the eruption, because in my bathroom we obey Einsteinís laws. Or somebodyís laws. Laws are obeyed. So itís been weeping gunk for a while. It resembles Chris Elliotís ďlove blistersĒ in Something about Mary. The entire incident was as unpleasant as I hope to have made it seem. I put some aspirin crŤme on it, which has helped a little bit.

In other news, the power was out at work this morning, and through the afternoon. It seems that due to the large storm thatís hit California (killing 9 people according to Yahoo, although one of those was an avalanche in Nevada, and three of them were in Oregon) it caused all sorts of havoc with our generating substation which burst into flames. So I got to work from home. Along with everyone else, so not a lot got done I imagine. I watched TV, returned some library books, took a nap. It was pleasant. Then, I felt guilty so I made a batch of brownies and also some sort of butterscotch cookie that is more butter than anything else, and didnít turn out right. I was supposed to use an electric mixer and didnít, so I didnít get the butter evenly distributed or something. And my cookie sheets are not that great. I may still take them in.

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