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2002-12-18 - 9:54 p.m.

I have spent the evening writing Christmas cards. And not sending them. Well, maybe I will walk over to the mailbox and actually post them tonight. Typing is torture, but not nearly as bad as the writing became. The people towards the end will no doubt be receiving illegible scratches for my trouble. But it was sent with love. Love that braved temperatures in the upper 40ís and a 5 minute walk to ensure that they went out tonight.

In other news, I got a new computer today. At work actually. A Fujitsu laptop. Go me. It has Windows 2000. Iím not sure what to make of that. Itís very small. And light. And fast. And silver. It looks very fey next to my Dell, Iím thinking. Of course, to be fair, all the accessories are external on the Fujitsu. And the screen is very small. The Dell is a bit proud because he has 17 (16.8viewable) inches. And a full size keyboard. Of course, he wonít be traveling anymore. Iím not lugging that huge ass of his around if I donít have to anymore. They gave me this really strange computer case with it, itís very large and bulky, but has wheels and a retractable handle. So I can look really lame walking through airports, wheeling along a 24x24 cube. It weighs more than the computer and all the accessories. I have a hard time respecting the new computer. Iím going to have to grow used to its ways. In addition to all the external accessories they gave me, I have a docking station at work that is fully loaded. Although I saw the invoice, and they did not get a deal. Luckily itís not coming out of my budget. Or I would have gotten myself a titanium Ibook. Just for the look on our CIOís face. I despise him. He likes to talk about himself. Too much. And his cars, and his motorcycles, and his trophy wife. He once held the door for me, and I called him his secretaryís name. It was the best/worst thing I could do. My old boss still likes to tell the story. He is not well liked.

There it is. Writing Christmas cards has sapped my strength and creativity. Iíll go post these damn things before the temperature drops into the low 40ís and I risk becoming uncomfortable.

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