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2002-12-19 - 10:30 p.m.

The power went out again today. Which sucks. I have been very busy. I was supposed to sneak away and see the Lord of the Rings but worked through the time. Went to a politically motivated lunch where I agreed to take on more work, and then returned to the office, wishing I壇 gone to see the movie anyway. That was the point where the power went off. And remained off for an hour. The swanky docking station was useless as it requires power to work, but I was back up on battery power in no time. Then they cut power to the switches to conserve the backup on the PBX and I think I just lost everyone who reads me. The weather was insanely wet this afternoon, flooding was rampant and drivers where angry and impatient. So, it was just all around lovely.

Last night I went and mailed some Christmas cards. And my keys. It was great. I stood there in shock for a moment. That metallic thunk was actually my set of keys. And not just the half set I take with me to go downtown or somewhere, but the full on set with the car key and remote. So I trudged around to the loading dock where postal employees where working and explained what I had done. No one of course could help me right then, but they got in touch with a supervisor who would be in first thing in the morning and I could get my keys around 7am. So, that痴 what I did this morning. I had to have my neighbor let me in and I used my trusty screwdriver trick to bust in. I知 getting very quick at that. I知 practicing my pickpocket skills as well. I hope to work up to numbers and racketeering. I made it into work around 8. Left at 4. Took an hour lunch and was unable to work for an hour in the afternoon. I知 digging myself a grave. Tomorrow involves lunches and holiday parties and very little work to be done. And Monday I知 leaving early to catch a plane to Utah. Good times.

I saw Punch Drunk Love tonight. I値l post a definitive review. Or not. If I don稚, I値l discuss it in another entry. Or something. I知 still thinking about it anyway. Plus I have more damn Christmas cards to write and if I keep all this up I値l be bitterer than a brokebob at a Mac Expo.

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