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2002-12-21 - 9:38 a.m.

Ah, the office Christmas party. Many fables and urban legends plus countless television and movies depict this annual event as a cross between girls gone wild and Cops. Ours yesterday was not an exception. There were good times had by all however. We all got slightly tipsy and laughed about the good times, and the bad times. It was nice. I was drinking Black and Tan’s and generally felt very good as the evening wound down. I was a bit late arriving; as I was working when everyone headed to the pub the party was being held at (Our corporate policy does not allow alcohol anywhere on the campus, thus the off site planning). I wasn’t terribly late, ordered my drink from the bar on my way through and never looked back. The pub had the great fortune of being right next to the light rail station (well, within easy reach) so I didn’t have to worry about my car. Well, that is, until this morning. My ex-boss does not drink, and one of her employees is working on 14 or something years of sobriety, so they were drinking Ice Tea. I went down to get myself another Black & Tan, and offered to get them refills. So I trucked over to the bar and asked the proprietress for my drink. “Make that two of those” said “Joe”. I was a bit surprised at this. He thought I was ordering some special type of Iced Tea. Which was amusing. How anyone could mistake Bass and Guinness as two types of tea is beyond me. There were many chuckles at his expense when we got back. And deservedly so. The Dutch gift exchange was hilarious as usual. I came home with picture frames with our VP of sales and CEO headshots, signed through the magic of photo shop. It’s really more entertaining than that. Or that I can make it on this slightly hung over morning. There was also a Starbucks card. There was a Jesus action figure that I wanted, so I brokered all these underhand deals with people, with the action figure my commission. I originally had a Absolut vodka set, with a bottle, a shaker, martini glass, and a CD of Jazz tunes. That was very popular and retired quickly. I lost it and ended up with a board game. There were no kung fu hamsters or things of that ilk. One year the Caddyshack gopher that did some strange varmint dance was the toy du jour. So, someone took the board game for their cabin. So I took the dart board. Who then picked up the CD player that game with the plastic Christ, from the person that then took my dartboard. The under the table three way swap worked wonders leaving me with the choice of taking something from the table, or opening a new gift; all small or bags. I have a rule. Never go small, and never go bags. It’s served me well. So I went for the Starbucks card that came with the lovely pictures. I intend to put them up in my cube with Jesus in the middle of them, blessing all who come by. Intermixed with all this rambunctious fun were many more Black & Tan’s. So, I transited home last night feeling pretty good. Warm feelings for my coworkers, a slight feeling of festiveness for the holiday’s and was asleep by 10. Good times, all that. Good times.

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