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2003-01-08 - 12:14 p.m.

I have managed to finally fix my HTML so that there are pictures again. I overreached, dreamed the impossible dream and was burned by that mo-fo star. Not that sappy songs sung at graduations from the Man of La Mancha have anything to do with my lame HTML skills. I may have someone do it for me, something that I donít feel 100% comfortable with. Because this place is MINE and I feel very protective of it. Itís silly, but lots of things I do are.

I worked very late last night, and so I came into work very late this morning. On the way I had decided to stop at Starbucks. But then I decided not to stop as I was feeling a momentary guilt tinge for coming in an hour late. However, some higher power decided that I deserved that lattť and thus stopped the train. Right in front of the Starbucks. It was very eerie. It was allegedly a switch error, that prevented the train from moving. The Starbucks is located directly between two stations, and the train stoppage was blocking an intersection. I determined that those mysterious forces that rule the universe had decreed that I deserved a drink today and so I went with it. They had some new Toffee Nut Latt that was being offered, and going with the fate led me here, I went with it. And was very glad to have done so. It was very decedent and delicious, rich with flavor but a little on the sweet side. It really put me in a good mood for the day. A mood that has deflated somewhat but still stays around, like an aged Aunt who has not yet succumbed to the bitterness of her life. It was nice, coming in that late. And not apologizing for it. Forcing people to accept it, and to not worry about any repercussions. That type of confidence is rare for me at the office. The lines between what used to be and what are at my company are constantly changing. I now have very vague responsibilities on paper, as people have left, roles have switched, and the telecom industry adapts to the changes that not enough money and too few customers has brought to it. I am working on getting more organized, more focused on what it is that Iím actually responsible for. Iím not responsible for the entire company, just my own department. Itís been a tough road to this point, but not necessarily a bad one, as Iíve advanced, gained not only valuable job skills but also a reputation. Make of that what you will.

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