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2003-01-09 - 11:06 p.m.

I seem to only have spam guestbook signings. Itís very strange. Am I alone in this problem? Iíve left them up, just so everyone can admire them. Iíve decided to start a collection. Perhaps one day Iíll be able to sell it and send my children to boarding school in Switzerland.

There was a very annoying child on the train ride home this evening, and Iím thinking that most would benefit if children were sent off to boarding schools. I mean, look at the British. They all turn out right, eventually. It was not a pleasant train ride home, as everyone was wet and grouchy because the weather took a sudden turn to the wet. It was a lovely morning, and only supposed to be overcast. But around 4ish it just started in. Now of course, all the weather sites and such are saying that it will rain tomorrow, but theyíve screwed things up badly enough as it is. It really doesnít matter to me, although I like to drive on the days when I think Iíll hit inclement weather.

I was reading an article online today, when I should have been working, about MBAís and how they are not as important as they used to be. Nor a guarantee to success and open doors. Which makes me feel better about not achieving a higher education. Iíve got real world experience baby! Which is also crap. The job market is just crap. I feel sorry for everyone who is in it. My management has reneged on the promise of a person if revenue caps are achieved. They were, and there is no open requisition for assistance. Which just sucks. But not a lot I can do about it. There are also new rumors that we are shutting down the building that I work in, and that everyone will be consolidated into one building in the corporate campus. Which just seems insane to me, but perhaps that means another lay off is imminent. Iím not going to worry about it though. It only stresses me out and leads to gastrointestinal discomfort. Just cramping and such, not really gassy. Iíve probably shared too much.

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