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2003-01-12 - 9:47 a.m.

Yes, a new layout. Iím inordinately proud of it. Because I did it all by myself. Well, with the help of code-punk and a book about style sheets that I checked out from the Library. Iím very fond of the library, I have been spending large amounts of time there. I think that in a few months time, if things continue along the same bent as usual, Iíll be living there on the rainy days, and fighting off the other bums for the primo spot next to the convention center. Which was hosting the international auto show this week. I went and checked out the fancy cars, but had to leave because I began feeling sorry for myself. Itís much easier to deal in abstracts. Thus the design only, no real entry until now. Incidentally, I have only viewed the update involving IE and a broadband connection. I tried to keep the picture size small, but if itís terrible loading on a dial up connection, then contact your phone company or cable provider and do something about that. If cost is an issue, well, Sera Tec plasma centers will give you up to 65 dollars a month for your plasma. Sure, your veins eventually run the risk of collapsing and your arms have more track marks than the cast of Trainspotting, but thatís a small price to pay for having my page load as fast as your processor will allow.

Iíve actually spent some time doing the html. More than I thought I would have the patience for. Not that Iím an expert or anything. And the reclusive time spent alone could have been much better utilized. Iíd love to slip into clean sheets and breath in the allegedly mountain fresh, or spring fresh, or whatever the fresh of the moment is. Wearing my favorite Gap Body pajamas, that have spots on them that are no longer flannel, along with a t-shirt whose collar is more a suggestion as opposed to a rigid stance on where ones neck and head are allowed egress. Sleep. Her siren call is very pervasive at the moment. But Iím fighting her off with Starbucks, and the need to accomplish things. Like a haircut. And a trip to Costco. I could do some dusting and vacuuming as well. Iíd probably feel much better if I managed to get those things done.

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