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2003-01-26 - 8:39 p.m.

Ah yes. The Super Bowl. I attended a party but didnít pay much attention to the game. Our team lost, and the news is full of reports of what is NOT happening in Oakland. Unlike after the championship game, where there was rioting and a fire. But it was tame, tame on an Oakland scale. Iíve seen worse behavior in Oakland when I last had jury duty.

I had a nice weekend. Low key, quiet. The good kind of weekend. Restful. Lotís of trips to Starbucks because I was a touch depressed and such things make me happy. I got my haircut at the swanky salon where I get a robe and a head massage and after itís all done a few minutes of neck and shoulders. I made a happy ending joke however I donít think my stylist got it. Or she was just really good at ignoring it, which I think is more likely. Regardless, I felt like a fool. A well coifed fool.

I have the upper body strength of a three year old. Well, actually, itís less than that because I think a toddler is able to pull him/herself up. Basically, my lower body acts a ballast, although it doesnít really keep me up right. I have no idea what Iím trying to say here. Words are not flowing like normal. Anyway, the point to this butchered analogy is that Iíve been working on my arms, mostly the biceps, and this weekend I actually was noticing some definition. I was shocked this evening while brushing my teeth. It was distracting. It was very gratifying to see the results from those push ups and curls. At this point, my guns are .22, but Iím working up to Magnum baby.

Okay, Iím just going to give up at this point.

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