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2003-02-11 - 10:59 p.m.

I was totally swamped at work today. It was crazy.

I came home and crashed. I took a nap. My friend Shannon suggested nude napping but I think Iíll wait until itís an Olympic sport. I like things to be tried and true before I attempt them.

That last paragraph took up all the creativity I have in me this evening. I think Iíll retire to my bed and my book. Iím reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. Itís very good. That last is not a link. It looks confusing, maybe. I noticed that all the real writers on diaryland tend to use correct MLA style guidelines when referring to the books they are reading. I thought Iíd try it out.

Also, I have copies of the story that Weetabix wrote but took down. Woo me and I might send it to you.

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