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2003-02-13 - 2:17 p.m.

I'm such a tool. Spouting on about public transit but at the first gray cloud, I'm ensconced in Swedish engineering and feeling sorry for the suckers at the stops on 1st street.

I spent much of last night searching for the trailer to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I heard it was attached to the new Daredevil movie, which Iím seeing tonight. My only concern is that it's going to be like the Avengers. That movie had so much wasted potential. Fiennes,

Thurman, Sean Connery, Jim Broadbent, Eddie Izzard, the list goes on. It had money, effects, and a script so shitty one wonders what everyone was smoking. I'm crossing my fingers they do it right. The cast seems inspired, and though not exactly like the comic book (the addition of Tom Sawyer and Dorian Grey, plus Alan Quartermain leading them instead of Mina Harker) it seems close enough to work. There is a second series of 6 coming out soon, which I'm excited for. The first was excellent. The events take place during the time that Sherlock Holmes was pretending to be dead. They hint but never say that The Voice, which is what brought them together, is in fact Sherlock Holmes. Their liaison with the British Government is named Bond, not James but it could very well be his Grandfather. Anyway, Alan Moore, who wrote the series, is very talented. He has very interesting and unique stories; his American's Best Comics line is incredible. He likes to mix genres, futuristic pasts and things. Flash Gordon futures with Victorian elements and ideals. Itís all very interesting and I'd like to see more of his work adapted. My concern is that itís got a bad release date.

So, yes. My inner geek soothed, Iíll rest now.

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