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2003-02-16 - 12:15 p.m.

It's raining. Lovely and raining, which doesn't seem like it should work, but it does.

Yesterday there was a general overcast, just a dull uniform flatness above everything, like a movie screen when the lights are up. And then the storm clouds intermixed with all that grayness, giving it areas of texture and color on a monochrome scale that blends very nicely with the city architecture and the green hills. Today itís sunny and post rain, the humidity making the air chilled and everything clean and fresh. I took my sometimes jog since the weather was so nice. I tend to run to Starbucks, hide around the corner while I catch my breath, and then jog in and get a coffee. Usually to go since I am self conscious about sweating. Then I walk home.

Iím glad that itís been raining, because Iíve been terribly lax about washing the car. Itís nice when nature chooses to do it for me. Iíve still got the inside to straighten up, but Iím feeling lazy and will be putting that off indefinitely. Thatís actually one of the advantages of dating, it made me keep my car clean, or at the very least do a quick tidying beforehand. I used to get it detailed once a month. Now though, it languishes outside, ill used.

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