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2003-02-22 - 3:00 a.m.

I went out tonight, against my better judgment. I was thinking that some rest in familiar surroundings would be welcome. But instead I found myself hanging out at the house of an acquaintance discussing the idea of turning the rather horrid childhood of a common friend into a screenplay. I donít really recall exactly how my name came up, although it was gratifying that this group of people all seemed to be in agreement that I actually possessed some sort of talent. I was thrust a bundle of poems and a 40 page treatment towards a novel as well, given email address and pressed into critical service.

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. It would be nice to share in someoneís dream like that, if only for a while. To be inspired by the passion an idea holds to someone. Can I take that unbridled romanticism and pare it down into something tolerable by the rest of society. Well, a heavily marketed towards segment of it? Itís hard to say. The ďpitchĒ went something like: Third world boy is kidnapped by rebels and taught the art of guerilla warfare as training to become an expendable assassin. He fights his way into being a success but eventually escapes to the US. It would be about exposing American sanctioned Fascism in South America. I immediately discounted such a story, as being not salable and thought to put forth: Third world boy is kidnapped by rebels and taught the art of guerilla warfare as training to become an expendable assassin. Sent on assignment to get a powerful visiting politician a series of mishaps transports him to the United States where more mishaps lead him to be placed in foster care. Adopted by an elderly gay couple in San Franciscoís Pacific Heights neighborhood, wacky fish out of water hijinks ensue until itís revealed that the neighbor is actually the man he was to have killed. I thought that John Voight and William Defoe would be perfect as the couple with someone plucked from the mall to play the boy. It would be a type of Princess Diaries, only with 10 year old hit men and Gay people. But I canít just blurt out, Iíve reworked your story into a comedy involving trite situational comedy and overused stereotypes. I donít have it in me to write drama. Iím terrified of delving deeper. Letís just keep it all airy and fun. Have some laughs, not have to think about anything. It makes me wish I was independently wealthy, so I could walk around all day with my MD recorder to capture my ideas, a camera to take snapshots of people or places that inspire me, and put it all together creatively into something. Probably multimedia, so I could put out a score or a soundtrack. Iíve always wanted that.

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