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2003-02-23 - 11:13 p.m.

I should be modifying a presentation to give tomorrow. I should be getting it all together so I can get to sleep soon enough to be well rested in the morning. So I can be refreshed and go into work early. But Iím not. I wish I didnít have to go. I wish that Iíd been laid off for real this past January so that I could be moving on, instead of stuck. Like that Stupid U2 song that got overplayed last summer.

I want to be more creative. I think Iím going to explore that. Like some new age hippy on a quest or something. Maybe Iíll tie dye. But Iíll do it sardonically. I wonder how many people think that. Percentage wise, that is. Thatís something that is left out of the statistical abstract of the United States. I used to love that book. Iíd sit at the library for hours going through it. Now that Iím out of the geek closet Iím not ashamed to admit that anymore. Itís a cool book. However, nothing about Tie Dye. Or not that I can remember. I might have to go check it out tomorrow. This of course, assumes that I leave work at a reasonable hour. I have seminar, that Iím actually presenting in. Which I mentioned earlier Iím not prepared for. I ignored my inbox all weekend. Well, all week really. Now itís lurking there, an insurmountable amount of email that I wonít have time for. Iím halfway considering deleting it all and just wait for people to resend. If itís really that important, they will.

It seems Iíve caught the bad attitude thatís been going around the office. I wonder if I can use sick leave for that?

Everyone, have a great day tomorrow. Or whenever you are reading this. For me. I donít ask for much. It would mean a lot to me to think that out there in the world, people are enjoying themselves while I listen to a overpaid consultant drone on about Letters of Credit and then become part of the problem by discussing what it is I do. At least Iíll get lunch out of it. So, go forth and enjoy your days.

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