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2003-02-26 - 11:11 p.m.

It was raining tonight, so I went jogging. I didnít get home from work until 8, and thought that some exercise would do me good. I donít know necessarily if I feel any better about things, but the rain was nice. I actually feel clean, despite not really being so.

Iíve been working too much. It saps all the life out of me. Really. I need balance in my life. Iím not getting it at the moment, and this is my fault.

I also need to stop eating Relish Sandwiches. All that white bread and pickle is playing hell with my waistline, and I really should get into shape for the job search. I have decided that my company made a conscious decision to break my spirit so that I wouldnít look, or if I did, there would just be too much going on for me to do it whole heartedly. I envy the EB with her FU attitude towards everything (myself included). Of course, she is retiring on the equity built up from her house and the string of failed marriages that litter her past.

Marry up, people.

I must now go take a shower, and try to psyche myself into some pneumonia.

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