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2003-03-11 - 11:04 p.m.

Yes, a new look. There is a reason for that. It seems that older browsers and people who use Macintosh browsers are unable to view my page. They just get the picture. And really, there is no point showing off my mad html skillz if no one can read the content. Itís all about content.

So, in keeping with an all access theme, I changed the template to be basic html.

Iíve had a bad couple of days. On Sunday afternoon my car quite working. It was right after I had dropped Weetabix off at the airport. I was driving home, listening to the Candlelight Mix of DJ Sammyís Heaven when the computer alerted me to the fact that the coolant was low, and then immediately after this helpful notice, the engine temp shot up to maximum and everything started beeping. I was luckily right by an exit, so I turned off the engine and coasted into a Shell Station. So I called the auto manufacturer, who told me to call the dealer, who told me that I was 4000 miles over my warranty but have the car towed to them and they would see what they could do. This was actually after two days of negotiation and torment. I finally used AAA to have it towed to the nearest shop, where they were very nice and replaced a couple of hoses and something to do with the heating block. I was poor, but able to drive again. Home. And then for about 10 minutes on my way to return some videos, when the onboard computer alerted me to the fact that coolant was low, and the engine temp started rising. Not immediately, it stayed at the medium for a while, and just slowly creeped up. It never got to the red, but the shop is nearby my house. So, there my car sits. I have no idea what to do at this point. I just want to be out, to be away from it. I donít want to see it right now, I donít want to speak with it. The relationship that we once shared is now shattered, and unlike Annie Lenox, I donít want to keep on walking on the broken glass. Luckily, it held together for the weekend.

Saturday was a slow pleasant day that involved the Japanese Tea Garden, a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, and shopping at used Bookstores. Then swanky dinner and home. Not as wild as Friday night, which was the peak of the weekend, for me, but good in its own laid back way.

Sunday was just cursed. Iíll leave it at that.

Today wasnít much better. I am very behind at work. Behind to the point that I might have to do something drastic, like light the building on fire. And torch the servers, since we have a paperless system. I doubt it would work though. They would think twice about making me their whipping boy again though! Actually, I had a nightmare once that I was in prison and they would always come visit me and make me work. It was a strange dream, but Iím not really wanting it to come true.

Letís see, Iíve whined about my life, talked about my dreams, now Iíll just go OMG! And LOL!!!!! And we have your typical diaryland entry.

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