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2003-03-14 - 10:14 p.m.

I just finished eating my weight in rice, salad, and beef from Hapi House. Iíve had my recommended sodium allowance from here to infinity.

This is the happiest Iíve been all week.

It rained today. Cleared up the smog. I didnít even mind walking to the train in it.

My car is still being fitful. I went to return some videos, and while leaving the video store it decided to have a hot flash. I think it might be going through ďthe changeĒ. I might take it down to the doctor to get some hormones. Or a new thermostat. Semantics really. I also noticed that there was a light rail park and ride lot sign, and thinking that if the video store was that close, it would be convenient to just take mass transit and let the car lose its calcium in peace .

There is nothing like driving about an unfamiliar part of town at night in the rain. Sometimes my inner warning system has to take the short bus to school. The park and ride lot was several miles away and in one of the worst parts of San Jose. The sign was no doubt placed by helpful muggers and carjackers to lure in chumps from the nice side of Bird. I escaped to the freeway and made it home without overheating, tossed the car a Centrum Silver and collapsed. Then I walked down to Hapi House, again enjoying the weather, got my food and brought it home. Watched Coupling on BBC and now Iím going to bed. To sleep in. To restore my vitals. To get better.

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