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2003-03-16 - 11:49 a.m.

Last night I learned the power of tea stained low rise denim and a gap fitted tee.

Oh yeah.

I also did not drink. Well, much. I had a pitcher of Guinness and then danced the night away. The band was great, a bunch of dorks playing Weezer, Cake, and 80ís covers. It was just like a college party. During a Ramones cover I nearly passed out from moshing about Proper hydration, itís important. My knowledge of Ď80s pop hits is apparently noteworthy. Which I never really thought of; it was just the songs of my not so distant youth. Itís all pop culture bay bee. And it is my bitch. Good times, good times.

I had gone out with people that I only vaguely know for lack of anything else to do. Iíd rather not just sit around my apartment and mope about things. I am again pissed at my dealer. Iím surprised, I used to deal with dealers all the time. Iím talking Auto parts, not drugs here. Iím worried about the google hits now. I have NO advice for how to work out issues with a smacked up pimp who wants his money. Iím just saying. I broke down while running errands yesterday. Well, it just overheated. I am fairly certain, after calling everyone I know that works with autos, that my thermostat is in need of replacing. Which I though was a big deal, but itís not. My dealer gave me some lip when I called enquiring about the part. Itís $59 and must be installed by them. Or it voids my warranty. I told them that the car wasnít covered by warranty. In your face bitch! Yeah! But they still wouldnít sell me the part unless they installed it. Fuckers. Iím not paying for them to do anything with the car. They canít touch it. Besides, it would take 3 days and I donít get a loaner or anything anymore. Screw them. So I checked around. Kragen has one for 15 bucks and theyíll loan me the tools to install it. So, Iíll be doing some auto repair work this afternoon. Go me. Perhaps Iíll keep all greasy and go out again tonight. I doubt it, dirt and I are not friends. It makes me nervous. And really, Iím not blue collar. Unless itís combed Egyptian poplin.

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