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2003-03-23 - 9:07 p.m.

On Friday afternoon, under the influence of a shot given to me by my HMO that allowed to breathe for the first time in three days and also allowed me to view the world through a Croft Super Special. It was not comfortable. I decided, not using my faculties and ignoring my doctorís orders to stay hydrated and rested, to hop the train to Mountain View. There was no reason for this trip. Just a vague prompting. I could do it, and so I did. I have no reason why. Nothing was accomplished by this afternoon detour. Iíll tell you upfront. I didnít even have a good time. I felt very fat and poor in Menlo Park. And so I didnít go try a restaurant or go into the very cool used bookstore. I didnít even feel comfortable wandering around aimlessly so I hid out in the library until they announced it was closing. It was a very nice library but too far away. The way by train is much further than the freeway, even by rush hour I would think. The 10 minute drives takes about 40, and passes through high tech campuses for some of technologies leading companies as well as a series of trailer parks, which makes for an interesting journey. On the trip back I finished my book, which was disappointing. It would have provided a welcome distraction to the girls behind me speaking a bizarre mixture of Spanish, English, and TRL type slang. I kept glancing in the window, thinking of how badly I needed a haircut. Not because it looks bad necessarily, but the way it falls on my forehead gives the appearance of premature balding. It was a very non sequitor of a trip, with the paranoia and the lack of self esteem, and the girls sharing headphones and singing long to gangster rap while discussing topics that pertain to a world I have no link to and will probably never understand. I made it home by 8, and crashed. Slept in on Saturday. Babysat. Didnít go into the city afterwards, instead I came home and crashed. Today I was a bit lazy. Saw View from the Top and liked it, despite itís formulaic script and phoned in acting. It was full of tiny things that I found hilarious. It was well constructed and perfectly directed. Perhaps Iíll work up a definitive review. I havenít done one of those in a while. I should also do a review of the book that I finished. I actually really enjoyed it. I neglected to mention all the eating I did this weekend. Lots of it. It was shameful. I did remain hydrated and well rested though. Post Menlo Park.

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