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2003-03-27 - 10:58 p.m.

Itís not supposed to be like this.

I worked until 10:30 tonight. As I was getting off the train, thankful to be done with my 12 hour shift my cell phone rang. The UN order, not expected to arrive until tomorrow had come in. So, I hopped in my car and drove back to work. Against traffic.

Iím reaching for the positives.

Itís only 6:30 in New Zealand. Thatís who needed the order on the system.

It was a very big order.

I am now anti the UN.

I am now pretty much anti everything.

A year ago I was promoted to head of my department, responsible for establishes worldwide procedures and implement them in time for our ISO audit. I want to be that person again. Or better yet, go back to the point where my lift veered radically off course to where I find myself emotionally stunted and so bitter I canít articulate the frustration and rage adequately.

Itís almost 11. And I have a 7am meeting.

I need a Starbucks already.

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