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2003-03-28 - 2:49 p.m.

I just ate a very large amount of pizza and drank a very large amount of lousy beer. I知 slightly tipsy, overwhelmed with work and the network is going down in 30 minutes.

So, of course, I知 using the valuable time I have left to update this diary. Because, fuck 粗m. They want orders entered, they need things done, well, shit. Do it themselves. That痴 all I知 saying. And then out loud I値l shrug my shoulders and point to the blank packed up cube. I値l make my eyes look japanamation wide, maybe wear a skirt and cry. Always works on Ran Ma.

I would also like to publicly thank all the nice people who have sympathized with me on my guestbook. I appreciate the remarks. As does anyone. Also, I知 pleased that there are some banner ads flying about. For a while there all the good ones led to %%squirrelx%% and that is just wrong people.

Good Banner ads. Look into it. %%fergie%% has a good one. %%weetabix%% had a contest to find a good banner ad. %%genghis-jon%% even has a good one and but then he痴 the pinnacle of style and tact.

I知 a little tipsy. This may be gone later. The network is now going down like a two dollar whore in an alley. Which is my favorite remark to say when something is 堵oing down I need to go find a park bench to sleep this off.

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