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2003-03-30 - 10:11 p.m.

Iím tired out from the weekend. It was full of social engagements and visiting family members. And the weather was perfect. Sunny, warm, clear. Shorts and t-shirt weather. Spend time outdoors weather. Grill burgers and drink cold beers out on the patio at Dusk while the women make fruit parfaits in the kitchen. It felt like summer, even though itís barely the start of spring.

I was unable to log into the work network as well. It was just not working. Not even via the web portals. I took it as a sign. I answered calls and was pretty much unable to either get the information or make the needed changes. Iím sure this will come about as my fault come tomorrow, but I intend to spend the day unpacking. I donít care if the network is back up.

I am in desperate need of a haircut. I just never found the time this weekend. I donít know where it all went. It was just gone. There was no stress or anything involved, which was nice. But it moved at a breakneck pace that leaves me feeling a bit out of touch at the moment. Also, itís still hot. I was barely in my apartment all weekend and it was shut up. Iíve got a fan going and the windows open. It just seems to help without actually accomplishing much.

I think a cold shower, and then bed.

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