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2003-04-03 - 9:47 a.m.

I was sitting in my cubicle this morning feeling sorry for myself and eating Pop Tarts (Cinnamon Sugar purchased from the vending machine because they are out of Lunchables) because I could. There is nothing like empty carbs for ennui.

Itís Thursday and Iím still living out of boxes and things from the move. They have yet to connect my network printer or my workstations. I have to unpack files and send some over to the archival service. Plus there is all this end of quarter stuff to do. Which, Iím not doing. Iíve left early, Iíve ignored projects, and I assassinated a coworker. Well, it was a character assassination. If he kills himself then Iíll chalk it up as a kill.

If that really happens I will be consumed with guilt. Which will add to my consumptions habits until I have to be crane lifted into things. I think I would qualify for disability at that point and get to used those automated carts at the grocer. Actually, since the bitch at work gave me the diet sheet Iíve been feeling freakishly large. Like I would break my legs if I went jogging large. Itís not a good feeling.

The pop tarts suddenly are not helping.

Iím glad itís almost Friday. Not that there is much going on for the weekend, but still. Iíve been getting all sorts of informational packages from the various schools that Iím looking into. Some of them are excellent, some are kind of dull. The Jr Colleges tend to be on the better end of the spectrum. Probably because the others are lazy, having a reputation and all. I still havenít decided on the place lucky enough to get me.

The guy is still around. I just saw him in the hallway and faked an interest in his life. So things are okay.

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