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2003-04-08 - 2:16 p.m.

Too many visitors and too few LAN points plus an overtaxed wireless access point have led to some fun times this morning.

I dealt with the fallout of Friday and my absent Monday by acting contrite and not eating until lunch, giving me a zombie pallor and dark circles under my eyes. Occasionally I would squirm uncomfortably or rub my eyes. I played the sympathy card and played it well.

I returned from lunch with Easter chocolates and candies and an email to key people thanking them for the support and assistance.

I believe that I have weathered the storm famously and salvaged my good reputation.

I have an important meeting in 15 minutes that Iím a touch nervous about. I like to sabotage my chances for success at times by remaining quiet at the worst possible time. I also like to speak up at the worse possible time, so there are all kinds of horrible scenarios rushing through my head at the moment. It probably hasnít helped that Iíve been chomping on the candy I brought back and chasing the richness with coffee. Deep breathes and a walk around the building will help, Iím thinking.

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