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2003-04-10 - 1:51 p.m.

Today is all about the meeting.

Stolen moments of email and access then on to the next meeting.

Itís tiring and is wreaking havoc with my bowels.

Everything is in crisis mode. People have left and dealing with those gaps in the flowchart was something that no one considered. The loss of tribal knowledge is also a barrier that is proving difficult to cross. It takes a village, and while at one point we were a village of idiots, we are now a village that has lost most of its craftspeople.

My own responsibilities are piling up, and while it can be argued that my time spent updating this right now should be spent dealing with emergencies, I needed space. Time away from talk and the weight of my inbox. A breather really.

Despite everything that is not done, not getting done, I feel fairly confident. I am living on a diet of corporate coffee and scavenged bagels. Lunch consisted of a corn dog purchased from the lunch wagon and finished by my walk across the parking lot. It was actually very delicious and efficient, meat on a stick that could be consumed on the go. I felt accomplished, preparing my umpteenth cup of coffee. The little moments of personal time, the conversations in the halls as I migrate through the various conference rooms and offices, all of these are things that Iím appreciating suddenly. The people that I like, the flow of ideas, action items and notes written with company pens on company pads. The rooms with their thermostats set to just above freezing and how my palms still sweat despite the chill in them.

I like today so much because it is my element. Talk all day, distill all night, frame my thoughts in the shower and have an email out by 8am. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Guiding the corporate beast rather than be a cog in the wheel. Itís exciting.

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