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2003-04-23 - 9:08 a.m.

Iíve done nothingÖ

There are times when IÖ

Sometimes I just need toÖ

I always hate coming back from a long hiatus. Especially when cool things have happened and Iíve made changes. They all seem to run together and suddenly Iím behind.

On Thursday last, I picked David Sedaris up from the airport. He is a very nice guy. He chatted away the whole ride from the Salt Lake airport to his hotel about all kinds of things. He smoked, and I have the butts. Perhaps Iíll give them away. Hold a contest. Win David Sedarisí Cigarette Butts! I had told him that I was going to sell them on E-Bay. He asked about my sisterís car, wondering at the cleanliness. Then he went through her glove box, which was just very cool. He told me that many people rented cars to pick him up. His reading was awesome, very funny. He read two stories that were new and in progress and Rooster at the Hitchiní Post which was published in Esquire. I should probably search down the link for that last one, but Iím recovering from procrastination and really, Iím just glad to be able to be typing. I also got to meet an Entertainment Weekly reporter, who looks exactly like an Entertainment Weekly reporter should. She took David Sedaris to Dennyís. He is doing a 29 city tour in 32 days or something insane like that, so the very next morning, early, I drove him to the Airport again. All in all it was a great experience and I consider myself lucky for having it.

The rest of the weekend was spent in my usual home visiting fashion. On Friday night however I had the best pizza in the world. It was called The Ballpark or something like that and had proscuitto, sauerkraut, and a mustard sauce. It was heaven with a Guinness and friends. We watched the movie Jack Ass and chatted. It was good. There was a lot of stout beers drunk over the weekend. Not that Iím complaining. Easter Sunday was spent with the family and then they dropped me off at the airport after Brunch. I sat next to a woman who had never flown before and was off on her way to visit her son in Sacramento. She had one of those gravelly smokers voices and drank the little bottled Margaritas and a Budweiser all the while nervously talking about everything. She was a divorcee and a former cocktail waitress, tall, whisper thin with no bust and dyed hair. Her jewelry was huge, clunky, and would have overpowered anyone else on that plane. It looked great on her tanned to jerky skin. She was the coolest person I have ever flown with. I walked her to her gate, and she offered to buy me a drink, but my sister was calling and I declined. Despite all our conversation, we didnít exchange names. But it was still awesome.

The rest of my week has been spent avoiding (unsuccessfully) the Easter candy that litters my home and office like leaves in Autumn. My forehead is also protesting the influx of chocolate covered marshmallow by forming warlike patterns with Acne. Iíve also started interviewing candidates for my position, which it seems that despite the fact that it was an RIF position, is now again perm. I hate this company. I am surprised at the age and experience level of the people that are applying for my position. Of course, the 20k increase in the salary range no doubt has something to do with that. Yes, itís true. HR came back with a salary range 20k over mine for a replacement. Life it like that I suppose. It just makes me happier to be leaving. Because whomever I hire, canít replace me. They will be able to do the job, and will be the best candidate that I can find, but they wonít replace me. Or so I think in order to keep the seething resentment from gaining hold. Or causing breakouts down the bridge of my nose.

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