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2003-04-23 - 12:09 p.m.

I am craving bacon. Like that dog that sniffs around for the treats. That is I. Iím sure itís the stress. Bacon cravings related stress. I wonder what that says about me psychologically. Iíll leave Freud out of it however as I donít think Iím able to deal with the answers pragmatically.

I am interviewing people for my position. And let me tell you that there is a rather fierce job market out there. Everyone is talking about it. So, I was expecting a better caliber of resumes. I was not that confident with the guy this morning. About the only plus on the spreadsheet was the fact he was Bilingual. Of course, the word could have gotten out about this place and, like the last time I had to hire, only the truly desperate are coming in. Yes, itís true. We suck that bad to work for.

The fall out from my leaving is starting to affect people. I kind of like that. The Auditors spoke to my current boss about how Iím the one that has all the answers and that they find easy to work with. And all the Admins are giving me hugs and things because today I brought them all in a Gerber daisy for Secretary Day. One of them pressed my face into her chest, just because I was sitting and her ample attributes just happened to be there when I turned around. It was the best chair swivel ever. I would totally nominate her for Corporate Girls Gone Wild, an idea I presented during an Activities Meeting as a moral booster. On the advice of my friend Wendy, I have made my public face one of calm ease, not letting anything outwardly appear to get to me. Although inside Iím a wreck. Craving bacon. My coworkers are amazed that I can be so calm, when I have no real plan in mind. Just a vague desire to further my education. It scares them. And I also like that. It makes the bacon craving lessen.

And now I go to lunch. Iím thinking of a BLT. Or 7.

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