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2003-05-02 - 12:02 a.m.

Well, my bags are packed, Iím ready to go. Thatís about as far into the song as I can go without getting maudlin, so Iíll just stop there.

Iím going on a road trip. Iím not quite sure how it will all turn out. Itís not some Hunter S Thompson foray into the desert, Iím just going to San Diego, but itís also not some horrid Tom Green vehicle full of wackiness. Perhaps it will be both. Iím not really sure.

I have been so stressed out of late. All the transitioning and the drama at work. The interviewing of the temporary candidates. The farewells and the explanations. Iíve settled on Iím going back to school as my stock answer to But Why? as Because this company is so fucking retarded itís a miracle it survives just doesnít seem to work. And that is the simple answer.

I felt free for three days and then the weight of everything settled in on me, along with the panic that I donít have a clear idea on the next stage, and that really it would behoove me to deal with it as it is rapidly approaching. Iím so used to living day by day that all my forward thinking skills are shot.

I look forward to my trip.

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