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2003-05-23 - 9:02 a.m.

I donít think Iíve been this disconnected from the computer for so long. Sitting around in the sun is very different than sitting around staring at a monitor and dealing with idiots, both on the phone and on the other side of that burlap and particle board partition.

Now the idiots call me, but I refuse to listen. Or help. Because Iím a bastard.

I like sitting on the pool deck. Itís very boring. But with the heat and all the people in bathing suits, itís a lazy summer kind of boring. The kind that doesnít key one up or make one anxious.

Also. Swim suits. There are so many Speedoís at this club. Probably because of the large number of Europeans, but still. The Speedo is the suit du jour. Itís just wrong. I feel sorry for the children. Who will never learn otherwise.

Apparently the ďBachelorĒ is a member of this club. I havenít seen him, I just heard about it yesterday while eavesdropping in on a conversation. He used to be considered on of SFís 5 most eligible bachelors. I never watched the show and couldnít tell you what he looks like. Or the girl he picked.

I am pretty sunburned about the face. I did wear Sunscreen. I should also wear a hat. I have a longsleeve shirt also, to combat the wicked farmer tan Iíve developed. Although my hair has never been blonder, so whatís a little fever, headache, nausia, and premature wrinkling.

Iím hosting a luncheon today. Not at work, just for a couple people. Iím serving this really good pasta dish that you make in the morning and chill until serving along with a fresh salad (garnered from the Farmers Market) and a baked brie and almond appetizer. Iím looking forward to it.

I am not feeling as bitter or angry as I used to. I feel quite relieved to be out of there, and not having to deal with the crap day in and day out. I do miss the paycheck, but Iíll get there doing something that I love. So, itís all good.

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