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2003-05-23 - 11:40 p.m.

I am trapped in a world of Saturdays. But not the good Saturdayís when I can go out and drink and be wild. No, these are High School Saturdays when Iím too broke to go out and so is everyone I know.

And itís Friday. Probably Saturday by the time I post.

My luncheon went fine. I still havenít cleaned up. I have a filthy kitchen. I was thinking it will give me something to do tomorrow. Or the next day. Ad Infinitum. Oh Latin. Makes me feel smart.

I didnít do a desert this afternoon. Ungrateful bastards gave me a hard time about it. Again, I have only myself to blame. For leading them on with previous luncheons. For being the consummate host. The usual things. If this were Victorian times I no doubt would be ostracized from society. Of course, if this were Victorian times Iíd probably be at sea trying to make my fortune or some such thing. It wouldnít be in the big house and all. I would like to see those rigid social standards return however. I am not fond of modern society. Itís all too casual. Politeness and parlour intrigue and rigid inviolate conventions would do wonders. Nobody wants to see the Dickens side of things. We all want the Oscar Wilde.

I donít really have anything to say. Iím just bored. And itís Friday. Saturday in a few minutes. I guess Iíll go to bed.

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