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2003-06-01 - 10:41 a.m.

I am a depressed and bitter man. With a very nice suntan. So there are bright sides to this coin, or something. My ability at metaphor gets stretched at times. Also, my creativity has left me. Itís true. Packed its bags and left. It was not without its drama however. There have been tears, suicide threats, pouting silences. All of which I ignored. I donít blame my creativity. If I had been stronger, well, there is no use in getting bogged down in what ifs.

The job is good. Sitting there, or more likely standing there. People tend to steal my chair a lot. It depends on how crowded it is. I have no problem with the kids. It is the parents that give me the most grief. Because they are wealthy and powerful they seem to think that they can just do as they please and I will respect them for it. They are wrong. Itís a game we all play.

As for everything else, well, there is nothing else. Itís true. NOTHING. My old way of life is completely over with and this new one is far from exciting. At the moment. School is starting up at the end of the month and that at least will give me something for my mind to do. Idly sitting/standing by the side of a pool and telling kids not to run is far from mentally stimulating. But for now I like that. No stress or meetings or impossible objectives agreed to by my management. Just me, the pool, and the sun.

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